ImamShafee Islamic Center, a prominent religious institution in the UK, faced a unique challenge in the digital age. While they had a strong local presence, their online representation didn’t reflect their rich history and community contributions. In 2020, they partnered with DigitalWebPro to embark on a website design project aimed at bridging this digital gap and better serving their congregation and the wider community.


  1. Outdated Website: The center’s existing website was outdated, lacked responsiveness, and failed to engage with its diverse audience effectively.
  2. Limited Online Outreach: ImamShafee’s digital presence was minimal, preventing them from reaching a wider audience or providing essential services to their community online.
  3. Inadequate Information: Important resources, events, and community news were not readily available on their website, causing inconvenience for members.

Our Approach:

DigitalWebPro designed a comprehensive website strategy aligned with ImamShafee’s values and objectives:

1. Needs Assessment: We conducted a thorough analysis of the center’s requirements, taking into account its diverse congregation and their online expectations.

2. User-Centric Design: Our design focused on user experience, with an easy-to-navigate interface and responsive design for various devices.

3. Content Revamp: We revamped content, providing a wealth of resources, event updates, and community information accessible to all.

4. Integration of Features: We integrated prayer timings, donation portals, live streaming of sermons, and a blog for insightful religious articles.

5. Community Engagement: We included forums for discussions, announcements, and a member directory for improved engagement.

6. Visual Appeal: The design emphasized cultural elements and aesthetics that resonated with the congregation.


The results of the ImamShafee Islamic Center’s website design project were transformative:

1. Enhanced User Experience: The website’s responsive design and intuitive navigation significantly improved the user experience.

2. Greater Engagement: Community members now had access to a wealth of resources, forums for discussions, and real-time event updates.

3. Wider Reach: The live streaming feature allowed the center to reach a global audience, strengthening its online presence.

4. Increased Donations: The donation portal saw a 30% increase in contributions, supporting the center’s initiatives.

5. Vibrant Online Community: The forum became a hub for community interaction, fostering a sense of belonging.

6. Digital Transformation: The center’s online representation now aligned with its physical presence, bridging the digital gap.


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September 18, 2023

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